Frequently asked questions

Questions about Phoenix Mountain Nursing Center?

What does Medicare cover?

Individuals requiring Skilled Nursing Care who qualify for Medicare Part A coverage may receive the following services for 100 days maximum.  Medicare Part A covers 100% for the first 20 days and then the patient is responsible for a co-pay for days 21-100.  Please call the admissions coordinator for the co-pay amount as this changes every January 1.

These services are:

  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Nursing Services
  • Medications
  • Supplies & Medical Equipment
  • Semi-Private Room
  • Meals

Am I Eligible for Medicare Part A?

To be deemed eligible for Medicare Part A benefits you must:

  • have a three night hospital stay.
  • have a physician certify skilled need.
  • be in a certified bed.

The need for skilled care must relate to the hospital stay.

Are Any Other Financial Assistance Services Available?

Assistance is available through the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS). Eligibility is eiablished by the Statue according to your assets and income. For more information please all (602) 417-6600.

Will My Doctor See Me Here?

Several physicians make visits to Phoenix Mountain Nursing Center and North-Court Rehab Suites. We will provide you with a list of those physicians upon request.

Are Beauty/Barber Services Available?

Yes, services are available for a nominal fee. Appointments can be made at the shop or with the receptionist.

What In-Room Television Services Are Available?

Satellite television reception is available in all rooms.

Is There a Structured Activity Program?

Yes, our award winning activity program varies from planned activities such as visiting performers, crafts and games to visits from children and animals to the spontaneous card game.

Are In-Room Telephones Available?

At PMNC yes, each room has the appropriate hook-ups. Services are dependent on the individual and are not paid for by the facility.

Can I Bring My Own Furniture?

Yes, we encourage those who stay with us to create their own home touch. However all items must comply with the facilities fire, electrical codes, and safety policies.

What Are Your the Visiting Hours?

Visiting hours are from 10am  to 8p.m. with special arrangements made as required.

Can Families and Guests Dine With Residents?

Yes, family members and guests can dine with residents for a minimal charge.

What is the EDEN Alternative?

The ‘EDEN Alternative’ is a philosophy adopted by PMNC to bring essential elements of the natural world into the facility. By introducing plants, animals and children into the facility, PMNC creates a more home like environment.

Please Contact the Facility for More Information, (602) 996-5200